Perciasacchi owes its name to the pointed shape of the seeds that pierced the jute sacks that were once used to store the harvest. It is a Sicilian durum wheat traditionally grown in hilly inland areas.

The plant takes full advantage of resources of water, light and nutrients and is more resistant to weeds: this allows for environmentally-friendly cultivation that is compatible with local consumption and small rural economies. Perciasacchi flours have a high protein content and weak gluten (low level gluten), that make them more digestible and suitable for people who are sensitive to gluten. In addition, the weak gluten makes Perciasacchi grain suitable for making bread and doughs that are easy to work with. It also has a high content of micro elements such as selenium, iron and zinc, it is rich in fibre that is effective in controlling cholesterol and blood sugar, helps to prevent numerous diseases and has polyphenols that contrast free radicals.

The bread and baked goods made using Perciasacchi flour have a pleasant appearance, an intense colour and a unique aroma that make them distinctive and a delight for all the five senses!